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Sunyata2023Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Unity, 3D Animation, Color, Stereo, 6’00”, Dimensions Variable Substance, as the fundamentals to construct a reality, has the characteristics of mass, volume, and material; they can be measured and perceived. That is, our cognition of this world is based on perceiving each and every kind of verity. However, can there possiblyContinue reading “Sunyata”


Mono2023Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Unity, 3D Animation, Color, Stereo, 6’00”, Dimensions variable Credit:Artist, Director | Tuan Mu UX Engineer | Lin HungSound Designer | Chen Lin-ShuangPerformer | Miyu Yabuki Special Thanks | Lin Su-Lin, Ray He, Misuzu Kamoshida, SARUYA Artist Residency 協力制作 アーティスト、監督 | 段沐 UXエンジニア | 林泓 @kkenjasontw サウンドデザイナー | 陳臨霜パフォーマー | 矢吹美優 特別協力Continue reading “Mono”


Patikulamanasikara2022Virtual Reality, Unity, 3D Animation, Color, Stereo, Realtime Projection, 5’00” Whether through the manipulation of avatars in virtual games, or in the relationship between Vtuber and the person behind the Vtuber, virtual technology has transformed the way people perceive the body. The way digital technology simulates our body rewrote we imagine the boundaries of ourContinue reading “Patikulamanasikara”

Transformation of Things

Transformation of Things2021Virtual Reality, Unity, 3D Animation, Color, Silent, 5’00” The “Transformation of Things” originates from one of Zhuangzi’s writings, “Qi Wu Lun,” pointing out the dynamism between subject and object, reality and illusion – a relationship between things united yet antithetical to one another. This reveals how the world perceived by a subject isContinue reading “Transformation of Things”

The Mixed-Blood:Welcome to the Feast

The Mixed-Blood:Welcome to the Feast  Curators | Lu Wei, Tuan MuArtists | Wang Aymei, Siyat Moses, Kao An-Bo, Lo Wan-Yun Date | 2020/10/31- 2020/11/30Venue | Good Underground Art Space, Taiwan Hualien Upon entering the exhibition space, you will notice, spread around and across, small heaps of soil. Weaving back and forth  in between artworks, sometimesContinue reading “The Mixed-Blood:Welcome to the Feast”

Meme Media Karaoke

Meme Media Karaoke The word, Karaoke, originated from Japan, was invented by Japanese Daisuke Inoue. “Kara” (カラ) using the Japanese reading of the Chinese character 空, means “nobody else”; “OK” (オケ) was the japanisation of the english word orchestra. The two words together means the “orchestra with nobody else”, which people sing alone with pre-recordedContinue reading “Meme Media Karaoke”

Shadow to Substance

Shadow to Substance2021Dual-channel Video, 3D Animation, Full HD, Color, Stereo, 4’50” “Shadow to Substance” finds in oriental garden architecture a reference model for spatial perception. Reflecting on how subjective experience can be determined and remodeled inside a virtual space, it attempts to redefine the limits to the notions of “viewing”, “corporeality”, and “spatial awareness”, andContinue reading “Shadow to Substance”

Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life

Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life 2017-2019 is formed by four paintings and two booklets. Imaginary stories and personal experiences were used as a source of inspiration, together with eastern exquisite light and airy drawing style we are able to collage the image and words. Giving the viewer a different point of view between the reality andContinue reading “Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life”

The History about Love

The History about Love 愛的歷史 2017, booklet, Suihi-enogu, mineral pigments, ink 17*216cm In “The History about Love 2017” uses the style of “Shishōsetsu” so called I novel (a type of confessional literature where the events in the story correspond to events in the author’s life) to create the artwork. Mu uses first person perspective toContinue reading “The History about Love”