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Shadow to Substance

Shadow to Substance
2-channel Video, 3D Animation, Full HD, Color, Stereo, 4’50”

“Shadow to Substance” finds in oriental garden architecture a reference model for spatial perception. Reflecting on how subjective experience can be determined and remodeled inside a virtual space, it attempts to redefine the limits to the notions of “viewing”, “corporeality”, and “spatial awareness”, and therefore inquires into the mental body experienced in contemporary video technology.

The history of gardening landscape, on one hand demonstrates mankind’s mastery of technology, not only using reason to shape nature into a man-made space, but analysis and planning to build an ideal place. On the other hand, the specific location and dimensions cut out by the garden design, such as its crossing paths, its looping mazes, also partake in the possibilities of breaking through reality’s space by means of physical, corporeal sensations, in turn allowing perceptions and senses to be projected inside a virtual territory. In the context of oriental gardens, space and time flowing in nature were borrowed into the garden landscape to evoke this subtle internal perception, and make them a place between reality and imagination, where the mind can wander and settle into.

In our present age, the real and the virtual both serve as ways for us to understand the world, they radiate of the multiple possibilities to understand the construction of subjective perception. In this process, subjective perceptions gradually slip into a continuous flow, away from a state of identification, always moving, staying for a brief time in a space outside the subject. “Shadow to Substance” plays a two-channel 3D video animation, the viewer will be looking at this double screening in a first-person perspective, entering the immersive space of this virtual garden along the trajectory motion of the camera, traveling back and forth inside this simulated natural scenery. Through this virtual body and the constant return of multiple points in the path, it tries to reference what happens beneath the practice of contemporary image technology and global digital mapping of the world, the many different experiences of perceptions split from having one’s physical body being in the present room, yet one’s subjective perception of time and space locked inside the video interface and its virtual space. In the context of this continuous dissolution of subject and space, subject and time, this work attempts to use the oriental perception of space to involve the perspective of contemporary virtual imaging technologies, to try and develop the possibility these imaging technologies have to construct our inner sense of reality, and to even transform our subjective experience into the interface of the real-virtual, the multiple interfaces, carriers of the two realms; so to create a situation where the correlated subject, object, body and space can be observed flowing into one another.

Director, Editor | Tuan Mu
3D Animation | Dinoraisin
Sound Design | Wu Yi-Lin

Exhibition News:
Mitologie Digitali, Saletta Campolmi, Prato, Italy
(Photo by Mitologie Digitali)

© Tuan Mu. All Rights Reserved.


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