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Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life

Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life 2017-2019 is formed by four paintings and two booklets. Imaginary stories and personal experiences were used as a source of inspiration, together with eastern exquisite light and airy drawing style we are able to collage the image and words. Giving the viewer a different point of view between the reality and illusion and reconsider the authenticity of their own memory.

Maiden, Kinkaku, Floating life 2017-2019, Xuan paper (Rice paper), booklet, Suihi-enogu, mineral pigments, ink, silver flakes

(Left to right)


Notes on “The Tale of Genji (源氏物語隨記)12*90cm – standing booklet

Crossing the bridge(渡橋)42*59cm

The Maiden Spring(少女之泉)98*28cm

Lily with virgin(少女與花)35*35cm – diamond shaped artwork

Floating Life(浮生)20*196cm – flat position

Photo|Wang Nakahira

© Tuan Mu. All Rights Reserved.


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