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The History about Love

The History about Love 愛的歷史
2017, booklet, Suihi-enogu, mineral pigments, ink 17*216cm

In “The History about Love 2017” uses the style of “Shishōsetsu” so called I novel (a type of confessional literature where the events in the story correspond to events in the author’s life) to create the artwork. Mu uses first person perspective to portray the “love” in different forms that is connecting him and the relationship of the world through literature and the Chinese ink drawing. He tries to involve real experiences of his own life to be completely shown within the artwork. The artwork depicts several relationships and feelings within 22 chapters – the complex relationship and emotion between being a son of his parents and fathering a son, the appreciation for the warmth help and from a complete stranger; the gratefulness in attempt to give back to others, etc. The whole artwork is formed by Mu’s personal experience; however, the chapters were not in chronological order, it is more like a collage of memories in the booklet. Witnessing the whole story that form his life from young and immature to fulfill and complete. Through engaging with “The History about Love”, the viewer can reflect and think about their own experience that has happen to them. Think about “Where does love happen?” and “How does love happen?” and how to redeem themselves and have a deep conversation with themselves.

© Tuan Mu. All Rights Reserved.


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